Millennium Wagner Opera Company

The Millennium Wagner Opera Company



 The Millennium Wagner Opera Company is the touring company of the Millennium Arts  Project, a multi-disciplinary humanities and arts-education, community outreach and  performance support  organization. The Opera Company's mission is enlightened and original performances of the works of Richard Wagner and other composers whose music and stage works influenced or are related to his art through technique and philosophy. To that end the Company exploits the use of all media to create thought-provoking and transcendental experiences.

The Millennium Arts Project provides lectures featuring scholars, artists, theologians and authors. Focus is insights into sacred, sacred-secular, and secular music and writings, and those composers for whom a discussion of  cross-purposes is enlightening.

The Project extends its artistic gifts to community in need beyond the arts attending public. Finally the Project engages in programs that bridge impulses toward faith with multi-disciplinary theatrical experience. Through training and background, this is a fundamental interest of the Project's managing board, whose perspectives merge the East and West.


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